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In a world where heroes walk among us, there exists an organization that embodies unwavering dedication, love, and support for our brave men and women in uniform. The Blue Star Moms, a remarkable group of mothers who have children serving in the military, have come together to form a bond and extend a helping hand to those who selflessly defend our nation.

The Heart and Mission of Blue Star Moms: Founded in 1942, the Blue Star Moms is a national non-profit organization that provides support, camaraderie, and assistance to military families across the United States. Their mission is rooted in the belief that no mother should feel alone or helpless while her child is serving in the military. Through their collective strength, these remarkable women offer a shoulder to lean on, a listening ear, and a compassionate embrace to one another during challenging times.

Supporting Our Military and Their Families: The Blue Star Moms organization extends its reach far beyond the members themselves. Through a variety of initiatives, they actively engage with military families and the wider community to provide a support system that ensures no one feels forgotten or left behind. Here are some of the ways the Blue Star Moms make a difference:

  1. Care Packages: Blue Star Moms assemble and send care packages filled with love, encouragement, and essential items to deployed service members. These packages provide a tangible reminder that their sacrifice is appreciated and that their families are supported back home.
  2. Veterans Assistance: The organization also extends its support to veterans by volunteering at veterans’ hospitals, organizing events, and offering a helping hand to those who have bravely served our country.
  3. Scholarships and Education: Blue Star Moms are dedicated to ensuring that the children of military families have access to educational opportunities. They provide scholarships and grants to support the pursuit of higher education, empowering these young individuals to reach their full potential.
  4. Community Engagement: The Blue Star Moms actively participate in community events, parades, and ceremonies to honor and remember those who have served and to raise awareness about the sacrifices made by military families.

Uniting Hearts and Making a Difference: The strength of the Blue Star Moms lies in their unwavering commitment to their children, their community, and one another. Through their support network, these incredible mothers find solace, understanding, and a shared purpose. They embrace their role as a beacon of hope and a pillar of support for military families, fostering resilience and unity in times of both joy and hardship.

The Blue Star Moms organization stands as a testament to the strength, resilience, and unwavering support that mothers offer to our military and their families. Through their tireless efforts, they remind us of the profound impact a united community can have on those who sacrifice so much for our freedom. As we honor the Blue Star Moms, let us recognize their extraordinary contributions and join hands in supporting our military heroes and their families.


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At Hero Life, we are proud of organizations like Ride a Wave’s mission of empowering children with disabilities to experience the joy of riding a wave and enjoy a fun-filled day at the beach. Ride a Wave has been providing free beach camps to children with disabilities since 1998, giving them the opportunity to participate in activities such as boogie boarding, kayaking, and tandem surfing.

RAW’s commitment to inclusivity is inspiring. The organization welcomes children who are physically, developmentally, or economically challenged, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to participate. RAW’s volunteers are specially trained to ensure that the children’s safety is always the top priority, with every participant covered in sunscreen and provided with wetsuits, life vests, and safety helmets.

The impact of Ride a Wave on children’s lives is immeasurable. For many children with disabilities, the chance to experience the thrill of riding a wave is an unforgettable moment that boosts their self-confidence. RAW’s beach camps are also an opportunity for children to make new friends, build relationships, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

At Hero Life, we believe in organizations like Ride a Wave that make a positive impact on people’s lives. RAW’s commitment to inclusivity, safety, and fun aligns with our core values, and we are proud to be associated with this amazing organization. Together, we can help empower children with disabilities to ride the waves of life and achieve their full potential.


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notes on board
Photo by Polina Zimmerman on Pexels.com

Life is full of challenges, and sometimes we feel overwhelmed and alone in the face of adversity. Whether we are dealing with a personal crisis or something else, it is easy to feel isolated and disconnected from others. However, research has shown that social support and a sense of community can play a powerful role in promoting our well-being and helping us navigate difficult times.

At Hero Life, we believe that building and nurturing supportive networks is essential for our physical, emotional, and mental health. Here are some ideas for how to cultivate a sense of community and social support:

  1. Join a local club or organization. Whether it’s a sports team, a book club, or a volunteer group, joining a community of like-minded people can provide a sense of belonging and connection.
  2. Volunteer your time and skills. Giving back to your community can be a powerful way to build connections and contribute to something greater than yourself. Find a cause or organization that aligns with your values and interests, and get involved.
  3. Reach out to friends and family. Sometimes the simplest way to feel connected is to reach out to the people who know and care about us. Pick up the phone, send a text, or schedule a virtual hangout.
  4. Participate in online communities. In today’s digital age, there are countless online groups and forums where you can connect with people who share your interests or experiences. Whether it’s a Facebook group or a subreddit, online communities can provide a sense of belonging and support.
  5. Seek professional help when needed. Sometimes we need more than just social support to navigate difficult times. If you are struggling with your mental health or experiencing a crisis, don’t hesitate to seek out professional help from a therapist, counselor, or other mental health provider.

So let’s come together, support each other, and create a world where we can all thrive.

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Michael J. Fox is a well-known actor and advocate for Parkinson’s disease, a chronic and progressive neurological disorder. He was diagnosed with the disease in 1991 at the age of 29 and has since been vocal about his struggles and his efforts to raise awareness and funding for research.

In a recent interview with CBS Sunday Morning, Fox shared his thoughts on living with Parkinson’s and the importance of maintaining a positive outlook. He acknowledged that the disease can be challenging, but he believes that optimism and a sense of humor can help people cope with its effects.

Fox spoke about his experience with Parkinson’s, noting that it affects people in different ways and can be unpredictable. He said that he initially struggled with depression and anxiety after his diagnosis, but eventually came to accept the disease and focus on what he could do to manage it.

One of the ways Fox copes with Parkinson’s is through exercise, particularly cycling. He founded The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research in 2000 to help find a cure for the disease and has since raised millions of dollars for research.

In the interview, Fox emphasized the importance of funding research to find a cure for Parkinson’s. He noted that there has been significant progress in understanding the disease in recent years, but there is still much work to be done.

Despite the challenges of living with Parkinson’s, Fox remains optimistic and encourages others to do the same. He believes that a positive attitude can make a big difference in how people experience the disease and how they approach life in general.

Overall, Michael J. Fox’s advocacy for Parkinson’s disease and his message of maintaining optimism in the face of adversity serve as an inspiration to those living with the disease and their loved ones.

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ambulance architecture building business
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Meet the hero pediatric surgeon who not only performs life-saving surgeries but also eases the anxiety of his little patients by riding with them to the OR dancing. His compassionate and creative approach spreads joy and comfort to children and their families during a stressful time.

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Dale Beatty, a National Guardsman who lost both of his legs after a landmine explosion in northern Iraq, was able to build a wheelchair-accessible home through the help of the Iredell County Builders Association and volunteers. With John Gallina, a friend and building contractor who also served in the National Guard and was with him in the Humvee, Beatty founded Purple Heart Homes, a nonprofit that modifies or helps provide homes for disabled veterans, which has helped 30 disabled veterans so far. The organization will assist any disabled service member who was wounded during military service, regardless of the war they served in.

How Purple Heart Homes Helped Kevin Smith:

Kevin Smith is a Vietnam veteran from Newton, North Carolina, who suffered knee and back injuries in an accident aboard an aircraft carrier. For decades, he endured dozens of operations and gradually became more reclusive – in part because he was afraid of falling down his front steps, which didn’t have a handrail.

“For 35 years, no one cared,” Smith said.

But when Purple Heart Homes built a wheelchair ramp in front of his home, it changed his life. The physical improvements made it easier for him to move about safely, and the goodwill gesture deeply touched Smith.

“(They) made me realize that I had value and worth and that I meant something,” he said.

Now Smith socializes frequently with his neighbors and other veterans. He says it’s all because of Purple Heart Homes.

“They jump-started me back into life … (and) said welcome home,” Smith said, tearfully. “It’s great to be home after 40 years.”

The why:

For Beatty and Gallina, their work is about giving all veterans the same level of respect.

“Regardless of when you served, where you served … we’re all the same,” Beatty said. “They just need to know that somebody does care about them.

“We wouldn’t leave someone behind on the battlefield. Why would we do it at home?”

Source: https://www.cnn.com/2013/02/14/us/cnnheroes-beatty-veterans-homes

Check out the Purple Heart Homes website at purplehearthomesusa.org

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Saw this video on the PGA Tour page and had to share it!

During the summer of 2021, Kendall was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma. Due to her cancer, doctors removed one of her femurs and she has had to learn to walk again with a prosthetic leg. On March 23rd, 2022, the Make-A-Wish foundation surprised Kendall with her own custom golf cart as she has shared interest in learning the game of golf. Just a week later through the Valero Texas Open and the PGA TOUR, Kendall was invited to TPC San Antonio (Oaks Course) to visit Titleist and spend some time with Jordan Spieth. Titleist surprises Kendall with a brand new set of golf clubs while Jordan Spieth gives Kendall her very first golf lesson.

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Photo by Eyvn on Pexels.com

Empathy: Heroes are often able to connect with others on a deep level, and are able to understand and respond to their needs.

A hero with empathy is someone who possesses the ability to understand and feel the emotions of others. They are able to put themselves in another person’s shoes and see the world from their perspective. This ability to empathize allows heroes to connect with people on a deeper level, and to truly understand their struggles and challenges.

Heroes with empathy are often driven by a deep desire to help others. They feel a strong sense of responsibility toward their community, and they are willing to go to great lengths to ensure that others are cared for and protected. They are often selfless in their actions, putting the needs of others above their own.

One of the most important qualities of a hero with empathy is their ability to listen. They take the time to truly hear what others are saying, and they respond in a way that shows that they understand and care. This creates a sense of trust and respect between the hero and the people they are trying to help, and it allows them to work together to achieve their goals.

In summary, a hero with empathy is someone who is able to understand and feel the emotions of others. They are driven by a desire to help and protect their community, and they are selfless in their actions. They are excellent listeners, and they are able to connect with people on a deeper level, creating a sense of trust and respect that allows them to achieve their goals.

For your library:

Dare to Lead” by Brené Brown – In this book, Brené Brown emphasizes the importance of empathy as a key leadership skill. She explains how empathy can help leaders build trust, communicate effectively, and create a positive work culture.

The Art of Empathy: A Complete Guide to Life’s Most Essential Skill” by Karla McLaren – This book provides a comprehensive guide to developing empathy in everyday life. McLaren offers practical exercises and tools for enhancing empathy, as well as insights into the science behind the emotion.

Empathy: Why It Matters, and How to Get It” by Roman Krznaric – In this book, Krznaric explores the power of empathy and its potential to transform society. He argues that empathy is a skill that can be learned, and he offers practical tips and strategies for developing greater empathy in our personal and professional lives.

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Photo by Sven Huls on Pexels.com

Ryan Holiday’s series on the cardinal virtues of ancient philosophy, he explores the most foundational virtue of all: Courage: the universal human experience of fear, and how courage is the ability to rise above it. It explores the elements of fear, courage, and heroism, using examples from history and contemporary life to illustrate how these qualities can be practiced in everyday life. He emphasizes the importance of courage in the face of injustice and the need for people to stand up for what is right, even when it is difficult or unpopular.

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